Messenger Marketing

Octane AI is the best way to reach the 1.2 billion people using Facebook Messenger

Messenger will quickly become your most important marketing channel

Reach 100% of your audience with push notifications

Tired of your message getting lost in the feed? Increase conversions, clicks, and open rates. When you message you message your Facebook Messenger followers, they all receive push notifications.

Engage your customers with personalized experiences

Through interactive experiences you can deeply understand your customers preferences, decisions, and interests through interactive conversations. Then send them relevant, targeted, and personalized messages.

Run campaigns to grow and engage your audience

Get more followers by running campaigns on your Facebook Page. Hold a contest or collect UGC. Launch any campaign with just a few clicks.

Octane AI Enterprise

Marketing Automation for Messenger


Advanced analytics, in-depth targeting, and the most effective campaigns to grow your audience. Strategy, best practices and onboarding provided by our own strategists.

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Messaging is where your customers are.

Facebook Messenger has over 1 billion users. Octane AI helps your business engage with your customers where they already are.

Customize your bot with ease.

Our pre-built features make it easy for you to add content, messages, discussions, filling out forms, showcasing merchandise, and more to your bot.

Customize your Chatbot
Create sharable, native content for Facebook Messenger.

Convos are conversational stories that you can share with your audience. It’s as easy as writing a blog post and the best way to increase distribution to your bot.

Sharable content
Reach 100% of your audience through Octane AI.

Use Octane AI to build up a followers base on Facebook Messenger like you would for an email newsletter. When you send a message via Octane AI, 100% of your followers get a push notification.

Followers Base
Integrated with everything you use.

Amplify your message. Connect Youtube, Soundcloud, Blogs, Medium, Facebook Videos, Google Sheets, and more to your bot.

Real-time analytics to help you grow your audience and interactions.

Gain new insights into your audience, learn what your customers are talking about, and track the growth of your bot.

Train your bot to respond instantly to every message.

Make your bot smarter by training it how to respond to incoming messages. Automatically hand it off to a human when a bot doesn’t understand a message.

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Messenger Marketing

Octane AI is the best way to reach the 1.2 billion people using Facebook Messenger